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I'm the one behind Catfishbox Studios, and I'm super excited to tell you about the awesome journey we had at Games Gathering 2023 Kyiv. Being part of this big event showed how much a single person's passion can achieve. I can't wait to share the story of "Space Me Out" and what happened.

Oleksandr Synyava,
Founder of Catfishbox Indie Game Studio

The Games Gathering Experience: Navigating the Epicenter of Innovation

Games Gathering 2023 Kyiv is a big deal for game folks like me – devs, pros, and fans all in one place. I'm a solo dev, and being part of this event, showing off "Space Me Out," was a mix of excitement and jitters.
The event was buzzing with energy. Big names shared cool stuff, like insider tips and hidden game goodies. But it wasn't only about learning. It was my chance to show off what I've been pouring my heart into.

Space Me Out: My Digital Creation

"Space Me Out" started from many nights of work, using code and a dream to take players into an exciting worlds. I made the whole game on my own, putting together handcrafted art, cool creatures, and fun game rules. Everything showed how much I cared. And at Games Gathering, it was time to show it all.
Discover More about Space Me Out

As I set up my booth at Games Gathering, it was as if my little corner of the conference hall transformed into a gateway to the universe of "Space Me Out." Attendees eagerly engaged, their curiosity piqued by the enigmatic neon-lit cityscape on display. I shared about the various planets, levels, and bosses, sparking interest in the diverse worlds within the game. Conversations flowed, feedback poured in, and the feeling of sharing my creation was beyond description.

Interestingly, no one from the conference managed to defeat the first boss, which led me to a clear conclusion – I needed to dial down the complexity. It's evident that adjustments are in order to make the game more accessible and enjoyable.

Best Game in the Indie Blast Awards

And then, the important moment came. "Space Me Out" was there with other really good games at the Indie Blast Awards. This shows that even one person can make something great in a big group of talented people. When Catfishbox Studios got named as the winner of the "Best Game" prize, I felt so many things – happiness, thanks, and the thought that hard work really pays off.

All the feedback I got pushed me to finally finish the game and make it as good as it can be. My story with Catfishbox Studios doesn't stop at Games Gathering. The "Best Game" prize made me even more excited to make "Space Me Out" even better and to learn more about making games. The friends I made, the things I learned – they're all like the energy that's pushing me forward.

Games Gathering wasn't just a big meeting; it's like a stone I'm stepping on to go higher. With the "Best Game" prize, Catfishbox Studios is going to new places. The things I learned and the friends I made – they're the things that are making me go ahead.

"The connections made, lessons learned, and friendships forged during this event are the fuel propelling me forward."

The future looks really bright. I'm still working on "Space Me Out," and I'm super excited because I really love doing it. The gaming community's support and remembering Games Gathering 2023 Kyiv keeps me going. I'm determined to keep making cool stories in the game that players all over the world will enjoy.

I want to give a big thanks to the indie game gang, fellow creators, and people who work on their own like me. You all have supported me and noticed "Space Me Out" at Games Gathering 2023 Kyiv. Your support makes me even more determined to make games that people will always remember.

Thanks for being with Catfishbox Studios during this journey. Let's keep going together, making new stuff and dreaming big.

Warm regards,
Oleksandr Synyava
Catfishbox Studio
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