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The BIG Journey

A cat who's hungry for good food and excitement.

Hungry for adventure?

Mr. Whiskers loves all types of food, but when the maker of his favourite dumplings goes missing, leaving a trail that winds towards the biggest mountain in the valley, our pudgy feline hero has no choice but to acquire a taste for adventure. The Big Journey is a rolly-poly physics-based adventure where players rotate the screen to roll Mr. Whiskers safely through danger, puzzles, and other challenges.

Explore the world with a tilt of your device.

While you can opt for simple onscreen control, The Big Journey was designed to be played by tilting your device left and right to move the world and roll Mr. Whiskers along it. Players will discover achievements and challenges to unlock, but ultimately the focus is on providing a light but engaging casual game about exploring and enjoying the world around you as you discover each new location and meet new friends along the way.

A beautiful, flat-art minimalist presentation.

On his search for Mr. Choo, Mr. Whiskers will come across all sorts of creatures in all sorts of places. Lovingly rendered in a striking visual style, each place you'll visit feels distinct and alive, like traveling through a well-loved picture book. Combined with the game's original soundtrack, The Big Journey is a relaxing, casual adventure to be kicked back and relaxed with.



“The Big Journey is an utterly adorable physics-based platformer...”

“...looks like one of the most polished platforming games we've seen in some time.”